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A "strong partner of the customer's new product development" as the goal, the customer needed to rapidly develop high-performance products for the purpose of quickly meet market demand. To this end, in the "aluminum electrolytic capacitor" circuit products "and" Power / machine capacitor "in various fields, began to build a research and development institutions to develop material production department and the research and development department is closely linked to the early realization of new technologies and practical , product-oriented.

A new type of M type unpedestal patch type aluminum electrolysis production
Wafer type high pressure aluminum electrolysis production,Model:MK MF MA MH The temperature resistant product at 150 C was developed successfully and passed the life test. Research and development of low temperature and low capacity attenuating capacitor at -60 C
130 C high temperature and high reliability product production; high frequency long life product model: :RB High pressure and long life products:HS HT HC Through foreign customers' low temperature verification and life test, it has been produced.
Our core competence is not touted themselves, but with their own research and development capabilities , continue to explore new and innovative , creating a more perfect product:Sancon develops new product – 650V Ultra-high voltage capacitor for Charging pile

Capacitor used in capacitor : the size is much smaller
high temperature resistance is much higher .

Capacitor used in capacitor : much stable , the load
life is longer , the resistance ripple is much bigger;
The temperature rise is much better

Designing new products used in new energy
electronic fire table and photovoltaic inverter ; The
characteristic is the load life is longer ,the
resistance ripple is much bigger .

7 Items New production practical patent for
aluminium electrolytic capacitor


New high-tech product radial capacitor CD287L

New high-tech product snap-in capacitor CD296

New high-tech product Screw capacitor HCGF5A