Mission satement

Adhere to the “People-0rientes 、Technology-First” We focus unity and cooperation of staff , attention to the introduction and development of new technology .We regard “Credibility” as a fundamental , and create a win-win situation with customer . We work hard to promote Sancon to become famous brand in all world .

The key is to have a business to take off a strong value proposition to support each job . For this reason, a strict code of conduct and these core values ​​have become sancon key decisions .

The core of the development of ideas

Regard People as starting point and center .Inspire and mobilize their initiative 、enthusiasm and creativity to achieve common development of People and Sancon
Innovation and flexibility is the driving force of sustainable development and gaining success.
Leaders and employees work toghther to achieve a standard of excellence strategy
Fair competition will create a united and pragmatic leadership, also contribute a full of vibrant and solidarity working group